Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Locking Down Good Etiquette While Locking Up...

Locking up your bike does not, on the surface, seem to be a situation where proper manners come into play. It all seems like pretty simple coming sense chit; Don't lock up to gates, respect others property, obey signage, don't block people in and don't fucking lock up to strangers bike!!

The other morning I went outside with the plan of riding my bike somewhere only to find a remnant of the party one of my neighbors threw still locked up to my bike; through only the rear wheel no less. Needless to say I was nonplussed with this inconvenience impeding my ability to, you know, live my life. Not being quite enough of an asshole to beat on the doors of all my neighbors in order to find the offender I was forced to alter my plans.

Sadly I was unable to lie in wait for the hooligan who locked his hipster whip to my bike. Not just because I wanted to verbally berate him but because after he unlocked from me I was able to see that during some part of the whole procedure he had managed to knock my wheel significantly out of true and move it in the drop outs... I don't have the words to articulate just how pissed off this makes me. Not only have I been inconvenienced but this shit head would have cost me money if I, like many bicycle owners, did not know how to true my wheel myself.

The thing that really floors me about the whole thing is that somebody would lock up to a complete strangers bike and then leave it there for a significant amount of time! Lock up to a stranger bike and for all you know the person you locked to could be planning on leaving in a couple of minutes and you just made them late for work. I mean are people so fucking lazy they can't just walk down the block a bit and find another spot to lock up? It seems bizarre to me that should be an issue with people who choose a form of transportation that relies on them to power it. Coupled with the complete disregard for others property that locking to my wheel, the most fragile part of a bike, demonstrates.

Of course this does not apply if you are locking to somebody you know, and find them to let them know. I do this myself from time to time but always find the friend I am locked to and let them know. I also make sure to let said friend know I'm locked to them so they know to find me when they leave. Most importantly I am respectful of their property and make sure to not damage their bike when I lock to it.

Next time this happens I'm going to sit and wait till my bike gets unlocked and then beat the perpetrator in the head with is own u-lock...

What other important lock etiquette do you think should be followed?

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