Monday, January 25, 2010

Who would have ever thought I would defend hipsters?

I am seriously so fucking sick of hearing people bitch, cry and whine about hipsters as if they are some new form of blight upon society.

Stop treating the recent out break of hipsters in what ever city it is you live in as some kind of new development; some kind of fresh new plague your generation, or location, has to deal with that past generations somehow managed to escape. This shit is nothing new, things are not changing for the worse or better they are just grinding on as they have for generations. Are any of you honestly going to tell me that this is the first time in the history of civilization that a whole group of people have all decided to follow the same stupid trends, listen the same shitty music, wear the same stupid clothes, live int he same area and sit around thinking they are better then everyone else?


You think the people living in Haight-Ashbury when the hippies moved in where saying anything that much different from what people are saying today about hipsters? Fuck no, they where out there crying about the hippies with their tight pants, long hair, cheap wine, shitty grass and superior attitudes invading their bars and neighborhood. Just replace ''bell bottoms' with 'tight pants,' 'long hair' with 'stupid mustache,' 'cheap wine' with 'PBR,' and 'shitty grass' with 'cocaine' and you have pretty much the exact same line of shit that you hear people prattle on with when it comes to hipsters.

Don't get me wrong folks, I am no fan of the hipster. They are still a bunch of annoying kids who are slave to fashion with a bad attitude fucking up my 'hood but I'm not about to act like they are some kind of new plague upon society; they are nothing but dumb kids caught up with a fad and that is nothing new, we've been dealing with it for generations. Every group of morons caught up in a current trend with a tendency to love int he same area are the exact same thing as hipsters....

Pretty much any group of trend whore=hipsters.

Get the fuck over it, this is nothing new and your way of life is not being trampled any more then anyone's ever was.

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  1. As i shake my fist in the air: "Goddamn kids these days!!"