Monday, January 4, 2010

Out with the old...

Well here it is the 4th of January 2010 so it looks like we have all made it safely into the second decade of the second millennium. As disappointed as I am that there are no hoover cars, jet packs or anti-gravity skate boards rather then use this little slice of the web to bitch, cray and make the same old tired jokes about everything we don't have that was predicted I have decided to take a step back and just enjoy the feeling of possibility that only years that end with zeros can give.

Maybe it's just me but a fresh decade always leaves me feeling a whole world of possibility lies in front of me but those closing years always seem to be closing in a strangling me; '99 and '09 where not what I would classify as happy years for me but '90 and '00 where and I am hoping that '10 is as well... and it seems off to a good start

This year I am hoping to make a banner year both personally and professionally. Work wise we are in a position to cast off some of the dead weight that has been holding us back and really expand and grow this coming year. I really hope it happens because it will bring me one step closer to just being able to point and yell when I need things done, none of this real work bullshit. Personally my only plan is to go from being a fat old crazy person to being a crazy person and the whole ride my bike everywhere thing should help with that plus I am planning to try and improve my diet because I want to live past 35 just so I can annoy everyone.

Very, very boring blog post but I think that is going to happen until I get some content built up and held in reserve because I am going to be trying to update here at least 3 times a week regardless of if I have much to say because my ego says you all want to know what I am up to.

I hope you all have a great coming year and keep the party going.


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