Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why do we even give a fuck about Tiger Woods!?

No, seriously why the fuck do we care even a little bit about the inner dealings of this mans family and personal life?

Oh, yeah I know all that happy horse shit about living life in the public eye, that's the price you pay for fame and every other old hackneyed excuse used by the media to justify prying onto peoples lives but that is not the issue I am after here. What I want to know is why the general public is so fucking caught up not only in watching this whole mess but the apparent need to be outraged about it as if we actually know any of the people involved in anything but the most trivial and superficial manner possible.

I keep hearing people calling into radio shows and commenting on TV about the horrible thing he has done to his wife and how there is no excuse for it and sharing at least 534 different opinions and theories as to what, exactly happened and why. Moron after moron is spouting off about aspects of this mans life that, without being a close friend, they simply can not know. How can any person out among the general public think they have a right to even start to presume they know the how and the why of any of this? I hear people jumping on Tiger for cheating but yet I hear no one asking if his wife was a frigid harpy who drove him into the arms of another woman, or in his case several other women...

Mind you I am not endorsing, approving or even excusing his actions but I am saying that there is far, far more to this whole ordeal than any of us out here in TV land could ever know and that is exactly as it should be. This is a private matter and we should all have the class and respect to let the Woods family deal with it as just that, a private matter.

Tiger may be in the public eye but why does that mean he should be held to a higher standard? Does being an amazing golfer somehow imply that he should be a better then average man, or even an average man when it comes to his moral compass?

No on both fronts.

Tiger Woods has no obligation to be a role model.

If it upsets you so much he cheated on his wife, stop watching him, write a letter to Nike and stop using him as a role model but in all reality he has done nothing worse then the billion or so men out there in the world who cheated on their spouse last week. A man's level of fame does not effect the degree to which his actions are right or wrong; if you would have stopped caring about the guy you know at work who cheated on his wife by now then you need to stop caring about this...

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