Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Terrorists Have won....

...no bullshit, game-over, give the fuck, pack your bags and take your toys home we have lost the war on terror.

This evening our president is going to get on television and announce to all of us that, even though he is a champion of change, that in order to keep us safe from the ever present threat of terror attacks he will be sending more troops to the middle east. Now, I suppose I could be upset about how this is not exactly what he promised. I could go on about continuing unjust wars. I could go on about how this is not enough and if we are going to fight we need to dedicate to the cause and go kick ass for real. Hell, I could go on for days about 50 different things that make this a bad decision and wrong for America but there is one thing, one specific thing that has caused me to loose faith in my beloved 'merica and it's leader ship. One single thing that has me convinced that the terrorists have forever changed my life in a negative manner from which we as a country are never to recover...

The presidents speech is going to interrupt A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS!!

That's right, our commander in chief's long winded rambling on why this non-sense if necessary and waffling on how, exactly this is all changing things for the more peaceful is going to interrupt one of the most pure and wonderful things about America. Something so wholesome and good that there is not a sane and reasonable man, woman or child who can hate it, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Yeah, yeah I know with DVDs, on demand cable and all that crap we can watch it whenever we we want but there is something magic about watching that show on broadcast television. Just hearing the words 'and now back to A Charlie Brown Christmas...' in that great TV voice over makes my heart warm.

All I can say about it is this, fuck you Obama, you goddamn blockhead.

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