Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rock and Roll hall of LAME...

So I have never been all to sure of this whole 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' thing because I've always felt that real rock and roll was all about pushing the envelope, smashing convention and, to a certain degree, going against the established norm. By those standards any form of institution or organization defining or judging Rock and Roll is not, by it's very nature, very Rock and Roll. Not to mention they put the fucking thing in Cleveland! I mean everyone knows it should have been in Memphis, or at the very least LA... Still, as a lover of all things loud, coarse and Rock and Roll I had to admit it was pretty cool to have a repository of all things epic and ground breaking in the world of Rock.

Until now.

Until they have proved themselves corrupt half wits with no idea of what Rock and Roll, let alone ground breaking Rock and Roll really is.

Until the pig-fucking tasteless bastards shits inducted fucking ABBA. Fucking ABBA, those Swedish damn near disco, easy listening, fruit bags who represent almost everything bad about the 70's. Can you even get farther away from Rock and Roll than ABBA!?

Now I am not going to deny that ABBA was a popular band. Nor will I deny that within their genre they where, kind of, a new sound and ground breaking but they sure as hell where not Rock and Roll! ABBA is the high point of soft, safe and easy listening of the era; where is the anger, the hard edge, the rebellion, the smashed guitars and the pyrotechnics that ARE 70's era rock and roll?

Now it's bad enough they let these fuckers in but would you like to know who one of the bands denied entry this year where?


They let in those weak sauce losers and denied one of the most epic rock bands ever to walk the earth. A band who's spectacle and stage show helped to define a new age of Rock and Roll; a band so polarizing and over the top it gained fame with people who hated Rock and Roll because it was such an over the top representation of everything the establishment feared in Rock and Roll. This was a band who raised an army, this is a band who still, today, has a rabid following. Eben today you can still see not only long time Kiss fans but crazed kids donning Kiss makeup and rocking the fuck out.

You seen anyone with feathered hair, ugly white suits and winning smiles twirling away lately? NO!

Kiss inspired generations of screaming Rock and Roll, what did ABBA inspire? The only thing I can think of is that they inspired screaming Rock and Roll by giving lovers of Rock music something to rebel against...

Oh, and just to add to the outrage, know who else was left out this year in favor of ABBA?

Alice fucking Cooper, that's who.

Is there no justice in this world?

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  1. I like that thr RRHOF is in Cleveland. Totally random. It's like someone threw a dart at a map Of the United States to decide.
    *Thump* "Where-- Cleveland?!?!
    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!"

    They should give the ballot to the people, instead of these record industry stiffs and tired old rock stars. Or at least do both. If there was a ballot in Rolling Stone magazine, (and/or other similar music publications) i'd fill it out and mail one in, and id' urge my friends to do the same.
    I guarantee that we wouldn't be talking about Abba this year, and the Stooges, Kiss, and Coop would have been in a long time ago.