Monday, November 23, 2009

Ding-dong the douchebags dead...

...or at least he's left the building.

So last night I gave my roommate his notice, why you ask?

Well the shitidiot has/had a hobby I, as a surprisingly morally centered human being, simply can not abide by. Apparently he feels/felt justified in slashing the tires of luxury cars displaying a 'W' sticker in support of the moron holding office prior to the moron currently holding office; I have not the words convey the level of contempt and hate this drums up inside of me. I am, quite literally, shaking with rage just thinking about it now so that I can try to convey the story of my complete and total psychotic break the whole thing caused.

So while home and putting away laundry my, as usual, inebriated roommate continues a conversation that I started with him and had thought was at an end. Somewhere in here it comes out that he slashes tires for political reasons. A statement he mad in a very prideful manner as if he was proud of this fact; in hind sight this attitude may be what helped to spin me off into stratospheric heights of rage later.

Of course I didn't just jump to rage, I am, after all, a reasonable man. After I got over the initial shock at the complete and total abject stupidity and ignorance at the whole thing I spent some time trying to rationally impress upon him just how 'wrong' this whole thing was which lead to a conversation the nature of right and wrong, karma and the concept of justice and responsibility. I heard a lot of bullshit about how it was OK because he only did luxury cars so it was people who could afford it, and that anyone who supported Bush was flat out evil and had, by proxy to Bush, killed people and 'deserved' some form of punishment; all easy to refute, unless of course you are talking to a fanatic thinking not with his head but with his heart. The concept of people making poorly informed choices or the negative effects his actions have bore no fruit.

Still, I was doing quite well with the whole 'not going ape-shit thing' but I got into the whole line of logic that is he did this to others he could never, righteously, become upset if anything he owned was vandalized and he either could not, or refused, to wrap his mind around it. His big defense was that he was 'right' and the people that he victimized where 'wrong.' He refused to accept that by the same arbitrary standard if a person disliked the car he drove and felt it was 'wrong' and they where 'right' to hate it then they where justified by his own logic. This impass seems to be where things went... wrong..

I'm not sure why, possibly his smug attitude or the fact he was unable to make logical comparisons a 3rd grader should have been capable of the little switch that keeps me from causing harm upon the world flipped to the wrong position and I went 110% nuts. I grabbed the closest thing I could that looked like a good bludgeon, which happened to be my bicycle u-lock and proceeded to scream and yell at the top of my lungs while brandishing the lock in a less then friendly manner and smashing my coffee table with it to punctuate my valid points. At this point it dawned on me that in all reality I simply could not deal with living with somebody who thought it was OK to destroy other peoples stuff over something so stupid as their political affiliation and told him to be gone from my sight and to consider this whole thing his 30 day notice to GET THE FUCK OUT of my castle. He stammered about seeing my point and started to speak of not having wanted to get me angry so I stomped what remained to the table to bits and brandished it at him; it seemed the thing to do at the; I still stand by that decision.

Later some friends came by to comfort me and the cats came out of hiding and all was better with the exception of I have nothing on which to rest my feet when on the couch...

I briefly contemplated the idea that I may have anger issues and decided that I was OK with that because, I think, in the larger picture rage directed at the perpetrators of his form of actions while unpleasant help to make the world a better place because I'm pretty sure that his ignorant actions have a greater negative effect on the greater good then my yelling at, and threatening, one douchebag does.

God I hope the next roommate is better...

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