Monday, November 23, 2009

Ding-dong the douchebags dead...

...or at least he's left the building.

So last night I gave my roommate his notice, why you ask?

Well the shitidiot has/had a hobby I, as a surprisingly morally centered human being, simply can not abide by. Apparently he feels/felt justified in slashing the tires of luxury cars displaying a 'W' sticker in support of the moron holding office prior to the moron currently holding office; I have not the words convey the level of contempt and hate this drums up inside of me. I am, quite literally, shaking with rage just thinking about it now so that I can try to convey the story of my complete and total psychotic break the whole thing caused.

So while home and putting away laundry my, as usual, inebriated roommate continues a conversation that I started with him and had thought was at an end. Somewhere in here it comes out that he slashes tires for political reasons. A statement he mad in a very prideful manner as if he was proud of this fact; in hind sight this attitude may be what helped to spin me off into stratospheric heights of rage later.

Of course I didn't just jump to rage, I am, after all, a reasonable man. After I got over the initial shock at the complete and total abject stupidity and ignorance at the whole thing I spent some time trying to rationally impress upon him just how 'wrong' this whole thing was which lead to a conversation the nature of right and wrong, karma and the concept of justice and responsibility. I heard a lot of bullshit about how it was OK because he only did luxury cars so it was people who could afford it, and that anyone who supported Bush was flat out evil and had, by proxy to Bush, killed people and 'deserved' some form of punishment; all easy to refute, unless of course you are talking to a fanatic thinking not with his head but with his heart. The concept of people making poorly informed choices or the negative effects his actions have bore no fruit.

Still, I was doing quite well with the whole 'not going ape-shit thing' but I got into the whole line of logic that is he did this to others he could never, righteously, become upset if anything he owned was vandalized and he either could not, or refused, to wrap his mind around it. His big defense was that he was 'right' and the people that he victimized where 'wrong.' He refused to accept that by the same arbitrary standard if a person disliked the car he drove and felt it was 'wrong' and they where 'right' to hate it then they where justified by his own logic. This impass seems to be where things went... wrong..

I'm not sure why, possibly his smug attitude or the fact he was unable to make logical comparisons a 3rd grader should have been capable of the little switch that keeps me from causing harm upon the world flipped to the wrong position and I went 110% nuts. I grabbed the closest thing I could that looked like a good bludgeon, which happened to be my bicycle u-lock and proceeded to scream and yell at the top of my lungs while brandishing the lock in a less then friendly manner and smashing my coffee table with it to punctuate my valid points. At this point it dawned on me that in all reality I simply could not deal with living with somebody who thought it was OK to destroy other peoples stuff over something so stupid as their political affiliation and told him to be gone from my sight and to consider this whole thing his 30 day notice to GET THE FUCK OUT of my castle. He stammered about seeing my point and started to speak of not having wanted to get me angry so I stomped what remained to the table to bits and brandished it at him; it seemed the thing to do at the; I still stand by that decision.

Later some friends came by to comfort me and the cats came out of hiding and all was better with the exception of I have nothing on which to rest my feet when on the couch...

I briefly contemplated the idea that I may have anger issues and decided that I was OK with that because, I think, in the larger picture rage directed at the perpetrators of his form of actions while unpleasant help to make the world a better place because I'm pretty sure that his ignorant actions have a greater negative effect on the greater good then my yelling at, and threatening, one douchebag does.

God I hope the next roommate is better...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Where does the money go?

In these times of financial crisis we hear a lot of talk about job creation, taxes, commerce, reform and all sorts of other buzz words relating to the economy, money and jobs. There are tons and tons of information floating around out there but how much of it can be believed and what does it all mean? Countless commentators, pundits and paid experts show up as talking heads on the news blathering on about whatever they want pushed due to political agenda, fan base or whoever backs the research firm that writes their paycheck and can you really trust the word of a man, or woman, who has an obvious agenda? Are these five minute spots our ADD news scheduling allows a subject this complex really enough time to explain a topic as complex as our national, or world, economy?

In a word, NO.

Compound this lack of readily available information to the common citizen with the deplorable state of our educational system and the general apathy our society instills in our youth and have end up with a world full of people who have no idea about basic economics, let alone our local, state or national economy, forming opinions, voting people into office and just generally flat out spreading their ignorance like wildfire. Think I sound jaded and pessimistic, think again? The other day I was lectured on the economy and taxes by a young man who did not understand the concept of inflation; that’s right, this kid did not understand one of the most basic financial concepts yet he was going to explain to me all about how wrong I was regarding the economy… Don’t get me wrong, I am no expert on these things and would never claim to be one but I do think I have a good firm grasp on the basics, a logical mind and I try to keep myself informed.

As a public service I have decided that I am going to dedicate a portion of my little slice of the internet to spreading some info about the basics of economics and how it effects us as people because… well because I think there are a lot of intelligent people out there who are forming opinions based on bad info.

Today’s edition will be a quick lesson on where the government gets its money which sounds like a complicated issue, but it’s not; in fact it’s a one word answer:


That’s right; every single penny the government spends comes from our pockets. Yours’, mine and that other guy over there’s pocket.

I know, I know it seems hard to believe but that’s it! The only source of income the government has is taking money from us be it in the form of taxes, fees, fine or loans (various forms of bonds and such are nothing more than loans to the government)from private citizens that’s where it all comes from.

Now, here is the part where things always go off the rails; people start to go on about adjusting balance sheets, printing money, loans from other countries and shit like that. It’s hard to wrap the mind around it but all of those things actually pull money out of our pockets as well.

Adjusting balance sheets is just the modern form of printing more money which will always result in inflation. The basics of supply and demand dictate that the more of something you have the less it is worth so if we create more money we are actually devaluing the funds currently held by every man, woman and child in America which is just a really, really sneaky way of taxing us. The fed gets a bunch of money to pay its debts and in the long run it comes out of our pockets.

Foreign loans not only come out of our pocket but are a double fucking; where do you think Unca Sam gets the money to pay these things of? They either take our tax dollars or they print more money which, as we already learned, is just a sneakier method of sticking their hand in our pocket. But this one doesn’t end there, that is only the start of us getting fucked in this deal; do you think that money is loaned interest free? Fuck no, there’s interest on that shit just like on your credit card and who pays that in the long run? You got it, we do.

Seeing it all laid out like that kinda makes you a little more uptight and sensitive about where the government spends its money, doesn’t it?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waste Not Want Not...

Wow, it's been awhile, Halloween and a birthday party take it out of a brother...

But that's not what I am here to talk to all of you about today. Today I am here to talk to you about waste; or, as I like to call it, the American way of life.

While I am for from any form of earth loving hippie I find myself pissed off beyond belief on a near daily basis by the sheer volume of stupid and useless waste that I see in everyday life. I am not even speaking about crazy fucking 'earth mother' shit like composting or not flushing your toilet enough, I'm talking about basic shit that there is no reason for beyond laziness and ignorance.

I am, shortly, going to fire off a list of several wasteful things I have seen done in the last week that infuriated me. Many, if not all, of them are going to seem trivial when they are looked at on a personal level; however, it is important to remember that the impact of all these things is spread out across millions of people. This means the seemingly inconsequential repercussions of a single persons actions actually add up to a massive impact when take on a global, or even city wide, scale.

So here we go, a partial list of things that piss me the fuck off waste wise:

  • People with handfuls of napkins at fast food places, movie theaters or anywhere else they let the general public grab handfuls of paper product. Are you really such fat, lazy slobyou need 37 napkins to wipe the juicy leavings of your double quarter pounder off your chin? NO! Unless you are taking the fucking things home and using them as ass-wipe and napkins at home you are a wasteful fuck. You just grabs a ton of stuff because it's there; I know this because I see your fat ass throw 90% of the fucking napkins you took away. I hope the trees you kill needlessly rape you in your dreams, nightly, with sharp pointy branches. Maybe a fear of sleep will curb your wasteful ways.
  • People who refuse to either purchase a reusable water bottle or refill regular ones. Yeah, I know the plastic bottle manufacture study said it is bad for you to reuse them but guess what; there are a TON of reusable bottles out there for purchase. I know they can be a little spendy but when you spread that cost out over thousands to bottles of water I bet it's a pretty small cost. We are lucky to live in a country where clean, healthy, drinking water is supplied to us easily and conviently for almost no cost but yet we spend millions of dollars and dispose of millions of bottles daily when we have, for free, the fresh water many people around the world would be willing to kill for... No wonder other countries hate us!
  • Packaging designed to prevent you from using all the product inside. The soap at my shop comes in a container that fits the dispenser in a manner which leaves an inch of soap in the bottom, obvioously an evil plot by the manufacture to sell me more soap. My anger is compounded because I wonder just how many people, unlike me, do not cut the bottle open and use that last little bit; how much extra waste, over a year, over the world, is that when you add up all the products like this and al the people to lazy to use all of it.

These are enough for me now, I have a million of them but not the time to list them all...

What are some of yours?