Saturday, October 3, 2009

Epic hangover day

Today I am no longer a normal man of flesh and blood; I am a new form of human made of pure undiluted hangover.

Things got enjoyably out of hand last night and I have paid for it dearly today. I blame not only myself but one of my friends for finishing his day close to my apartment and dragging me out for a few drunks before my planned evening out during time I has allotted for napping.

I guess it could be worse, today was my only day off this week and I was still able to have a productive day off although after I write this it is couch/movie/killin' nazis time and I plan to do nothing that requires any real physical effort and doubt I'll be drinking to night or tomorrow.

Now, on to the pictures!

It all started at Quenchers with good beers. Yeah I know it seems out of character but I do actually enjoy beer that is not yellow and fizzy but it is always a hazard to my well being because of the unpredictable alcohol content.

I had only meant to have one beer here and make it back home for my nap and dinner but their menu had a 'cuban ruban' that sounded to good to pass up. Seriously, ham, corned beef and pickles; who cold say no to that?

Another tasty hoppy beer makes me a happy, happy man. After this I bugged out of the nice bar and made my way to one of my favorite bars in the city for cheap drinks.

Drink number 4 brings us to the Bob Inn which I find to be a much more comfortable bar, beers cheaper as well.

Books and beer, two great tastes that taste great together. My notes indicate that at this time the bar was starting to be invaded by hipsters.

Number 6 and I decide to start drinking water with my booze to stave off a hangover the next day. If only this plan had worked. Notes indicate happiness that a more attractive bartender came in, the hipsters are apparently not a bother now.

#7 and friends have shown up, I am no longer drinking alone. It is decided I am aiming for at least 15 drinks to make tonight an epic not to be forgotten. I question this choice.

Number 8, I realize that these all look the same but trust me on this they where all fresh beers; I know this because of how shitty I felt this morning.

Number 9 is a completely unremarkable beer.

This may look like it's not a drink but it is. The delicious cupcake exterior hides an inner evil, that little fucker is chock full of whiskey making drink number 10 kinda not a drink...

Here comes trouble, number 11 puts us into shot territory, say hello to my old friend Malort.

No, that is not my hand.

This is my hand, and drink number 13, they are friends.

14 and 15 are friends too. Malort and cheap beer, it's what makes Chicago great. My goal is met, a smart man would have stopped here but I have never claimed to be smart, not to mention this blog would be a lot less interesting if I where.

A lonely number 16 and out last beer at the Bob Inn, after this I was pilled into several cabs and taken to a bar who's name I always forget but has cheap Guiness.

Irish whiskey and Irish beer make DUG a happy man, a very drunk man but happy nonetheless. Notes at this time indicate that we all became fixated on the word shitidiot and determined that The Eagles ruin everything. I also apparenlty preached wisdom... I am not sure what this means or what I said.

To be perfectly honest I have no idea if this was an additional round or just K hamming it up with the previous round... I am saying it's an aditional round of shots because that would make this shot number 19 for me which would bring us to...

Number 20! 20 drinks in one night is alot of booze.... after this one I staggered out into the night, and a cab and made it back home where I slept with my shoes on for some portion of the night.

Yeah, I know it might not be a legit 20 but it's till a fairly epic night and man was it fun. Other notes indicate that at some point K had my bike lights in her mouth...

Man, there has to be an easier whay to put picture heavy updates up on this site... this freakin' thing took more then an hour to do; fuck that!

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