Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I've been busy, busy, busy...

So it's been a busy couple of days; Monday and Tuesday night involved some drinks but real life has left me busy enough I need to combine the updates...

Monday a friend called and was going to see a show at Ronny's and wanted to know if I would come out and meet him for a beer or two. Being as Ronny's is a whole block from my fortress I really had no choice although upon arriving we where surprised to find out that they do not open until nine which left us with some time to kill so we hoofed it down to a new bar in the 'hood, Blitz which is... well I don't really know what to say about this place because it can't really decide what it wants to be; we both agreed the best way to describe it was half assed, at best.

Blitz was the sight of two great failings on my part. For one we ordered a Bud and where served Bud Light and I just did not have the heart to argue with the guy over it. I also, for the first time, forgot to snap a pic of the offending drink, I blame the fact we where talking and catching up. I feel the lead pic makes up for it.

After an unejoyable beer at an unenjoyable bar we went back to Ronny's and settled in for some delicious PBR and interesting scenery on the 'Cherry-Master' video pocer machine; I couldn't stop thinking of Lisure Suit Larry...

Beer number three found us in the performance space which was nice because it smells less like pee then the bar half of the building but not so nice because it smells almost exactly like a sweaty gym sock.

So this is why I love Ronny's, where else can you go and watch a kick ass metal band perform right next to a religious icon?

Under the watchful eye of the virgin Mary I felt a little like a heel for drinking on a school night so I hoofed it out of there happy to have an easy night out with a good friend.

Tuesday brought me to West Town Bikes for open shop and, as always, good conversation with awesome people and we all know nothing goes better with bikes than sweet, sweet beer.

2nd beer of the night to the right shows what the most important bike maintenance tool really is...

In all seriousness if you are a cyclist and enjoy working on your own stuff you should really check out West Town and it's retail shop Ciclo Urbano; both are staffed with friendly and helpful people and are great Chicago bike resources!

After super fun bike fixing time it was off to, of course, Relax on Milwaukee which I still say is the best little dive bar in Chicago where we started into Old Style and water for drink number 3.

One of the many things making Relax the best bar ever, other than wicked cheap drinks, is free popcorn so #4 went hand in hand with some buttery goodness.

And #5 is a free shot of Malort; another reason to love Relax is the owner likes to buy the patrons drinks... how can you not love that?

Moving on to #6 we went with more Malort... I'm not really sure why I thought this was a good idea.

Seven left me forced off of Old Style by an empty keg, I was very sad for a period here.

More Highlife, how the fuck long does it take to change a keg!?

At last, swee draft beer...

Ten brings us to... another boring draft beer. I need to drink more interesting things.

Hmmm, the change to a different glass for #11 seems to have no efect on my sense of excitement...

Last but never least a final shot of Malort to keep me warm in the wind on the ride home, yum!

Sadly there was no direct trip home due to other peoples drama but that is a story for another day when I have had more sleepytime the night before.

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