Monday, October 19, 2009

I am failure

OK, so it appears the pictures of drinks project is a complete failure. Not because I lacked the discipline required, even in my most drunken stupors I got all the pictures I needed In fact I didn't really miss any until the other night and that was only because I forgot my camera entirely. The problem is it is just to fucking labor intensive to put them into a post here!

Seriously I have like 4 or 5 nights worth of drink pictures but I simply do not have the time it takes to use blogger's amazingly cumbersome composer to put the pictures up on this blog, it take an hour plus to get 15 drink pics up and even then they don't look as good as I would like. I think I am either going to continue the project or start it again next month but find a easier way to display the pictures on the web.

Now on to hate.

Dear Jimmy,

While I do enjoy your sandwiches I am afraid it is time for us to bring our sandwich maker/sandwich eater relationship to an end. Often in the past I have habitually enjoyed your sandwiches on my lunch break at work because your fast, convenient and courteous online ordering and delivery save me valuable time and delivery tasty sandwiches to my office door step at my slightest whim.

However as of late I have been unable to order your sandwiches on line for the last several business days. Your location at 543 S. Shemale Rd in Carol Stream seems to be continually off line; even at hours where I would expect them to not only be open but eagerly accepting orders, you know... lunch time and what not. The absurdity of a chain that is supposed to pride itself on fast, friendly service not allowing me to order simply and quickly on line puts me off my lunch to be quite honest with you.

Oh, I know I could simply call up the store as your website suggests but did it ever occour to you that I am having your shitty fucking sandwiches delivered to me via gthe web because I am a angry misanthrope who has no desire to talk to the mouth breathing degenerates that make up much of fast food service industry? I order online so I do nto have to talk to the retards you hire. Interestingly enough this is pretty much the reason I avoid picking up, or eating in, at your stores. I know it seems crass and superficial but truth be told I have no desire to know how stupid the people who make my sandwich are, let a lone to see how ugly they are... the mere thought of it puts me off my feed and gives me wicked bad indigestion; I mean who wants to think about what could have fallen out of that nappy, greasy head of unkempt heair into my marginally delicious sandwich?

Sorry Jimmy, but if I have to leave the comfort of my desk I'm going to go get myself a tasty sandwich somewhere I can get something other then bland fucking white bread.



  1. so where are you getting your sandwiches now? i want to know where the beautiful people are putting meat cheese and mayo on bread for me.

  2. fuck jimmy! i hate that that place!

  3. oh yes, and I agree about the photo posting.. WTF is up with that? I don't understand why it isn't easier to post them and place them where I want them in my post.. irritating. If you find a better way, let me know.