Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today while discussing some aspects of my personal life and philosophy with a friend I have finally been forced to acknowledge the fact that I am well on my way to becoming a legitimate crabby old crazy guy and not exactly unhappy about it. Mind you I've always been a little bit of a crank but I always figured I'd grow out of it but as I rapidly approach my 34th year many of my crabby old man like idiosyncrasies seem to not only be sticking around but I am pretty sure I am getting worse. One has to wonder how long it's going to be before it all spirals out of control and I fill my role living alone and wondering why all those damn kids have to be so annoying...

Shit, I just realized something unpleasant; I'm already there.

No, seriously, my much younger downstairs neighbor referred to me as 'eccentric' due to my choice of bicycles, sleep, eating and drinking habits, as well as my apparel. On top of this my roommate, who is of close age, thinks I am way out there and, truth be told, I really don't get along with a large portion of the world leads me to believe I may have already crossed that line. But I'm OK with that and have decided to make it the new direction for my blog.

We are now dedicated to the chronicling of my continuing eccentricity; what exactly that means I'm not really sure yet but there is a good chance it is going to contain rants, movie and book reviews as well as a gateway into my daily life and lots of pictures... just not as many as the drinks thing required...

And yes, I know the picture is of The Tell Man from Phantasm; someday I hope to be that fucking spooky.

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