Friday, October 2, 2009

And so it begins...

So in what may be the most ambitious, and likely to fail, project I have ever started I am planning to take a picture of every drink I consume from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31; or at least the ones I am sober enough to remember to photograph... Last night was the start and it was pretty epic; as the pictures will show. I feel this will be either entertaining or depressing...

First drink of the month/day/night, sweet, sweet dollar beers!

Next came a Natty Ice, hey a man takes what a man can get for a dollar!

Drink #3 and we're back to good old hipster beer and the bartender starts to get surly; this trend continues through the night.

Numbers four and five, a cool refreshing beer and a shot of Malort. If you don't know what Malort is go google it, drink it and report back. At this point I start to keep a journal which I plan to maintain for the whole project, I think. Notable entries around this time have to do with killing a rooster... how do I even end up in these conversations?

Number 6; according to my notes I am upset that the jukebox is not playing my songs. My songs are better then the shitty songs playing now, who the fuck are these people to play this SHIT!?

Number 7; bitch stole my popcorn!

Number 8 was an 'experimental' cocktail that, combined with another not pictured shall count as one drink. They where both very sweet and did nothing to dispel my feelings about blue drinks.

Number 9, more sweet, sweet Malort.

A cruel double team, a new PBR and another shot of Malort forced upon me by the bartender, this makes 11. Notes indicate I like the Rolling Stones, I recognize this is a bad idea and funny hates make me happy. It's getting hard to read the writing.

And we wrap the evening up at 12 drinks with another Malort and notes indicate I was very upset over music on the jukebox and a complete awareness I was not going to understand my notes.

These where the notes for the night, and no, I didn't draw the picture but I do wish I had that much talent.


  1. I am impressed with your Thursday. I drank 5 liters (give or take 1-2) during the 2 days at Oktoberfest.. I will be hungover for two days from that!