Friday, October 9, 2009

All Hail the Moon Zombies!!

So as much as I wanted, and I mean really wanted, to stay in and behave the night before I had to get up at 4:30 AM and take a 13 hour round trip drive I had no choice but to go out and get pretty well boozed up; not wasted mind you just happily inebriated because last night, much like tonight and the next several, could be the last chance we will ever have to enjoy alcohol in the pre-zombie apocalypse world. See the egg heads over at NASA, who you think would have seen at least one fucking sci-fi movie by now have decided to bomb the goddamn moon in a effort to find water up there... Yeah, great idea guys, I mean it's not like scientific exploration for lofty and noble goals ever goes seriously fucking haywire with horrible consequences to all man kind, right?

Call me crazy but I am telling you this bomb the moon shit is going to be the end of us all, there going to bring back the long frozen moon water and when that shit thaws some fucking moon-microbe is going to get loose and combine with the hastily brewed H1N1 flu vaccine and BOOM!

Patient zero of the zombie motherfucking apocalypse.

Yeah, laugh all you want but I'm treating every day the next couple of weeks like it could be my last day on earth and my pole-axe handy... what, you don't have a pole axe? Shit, you are getting eaten alive!

anyway, on to the alcohol!

Dollar beer night and patient zero on the path to drunken night out apocalypse has landed... as of now the plan is no hard liquor and keep it on the up and up, just a couple ya know?

#2 is friend approved as A-OK for human consumption. Zombie virus free.

I'm pretty sure I planned to go home after this...

Whoops! A friend came by with good news, it would have been rude not to throw one back in the name of comradery and I have always been a polite man.

Sadly after the Malort clouded my judgement excellent salesmanship and free popcorn from Rick James groin caused me to loose control of my better judgment and drink #4 has landed.

Historically #4 is where things always take a turn for the less responsible with me...

Not to be proven wrong I moved on to beer #5.

Shortly after finishing what really should have been my last beer I cam across this lovely couple and decided to sit a while longer and have a chat with them to find out how society viewed their interracial relationship; ends up things are easier for them in my stomach...

And somehow my couple of drinks became 8 and 1:30 AM. After this I showed the slight bit of good judgement I could muster and ventured home for 3 hours of sleep, a late start and a very tired day.

I so should be napping right now in preparation of another night out preparing mentally for the loss of organized bar society but I love all of you dear readers so much I just had to make sure I got my update done toot-sweet.

Love me for it, give me the attention my mother never did turning me into a blogger.

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