Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My official return to the blogosphere.

This is my blog, it is dedicated to the other bloggers out there on the internet who think their opinion matters and spend vast amounts of time spouting off about shit they know very little about with a vague air of authority.

Sorry shitheads but in today's fast paced world of instant internet publishing the ability to get your words into print does not mean they matter, or you know your head from a hole int he ground.

I know it sounds hypocritical but there is one important difference between me and 99.35% of bloggers out there, I know my opinion doesn't fucking matter and it's pretty obvious when I make shit up and I sure as hell promise not to pretend to be an authority on anything; although it is pretty obvious I'm smarter then you...

And prettier too.

I've also been around longer; this whole bloody mess is the resurrection of a blog I had in the early 2000's, you know back when you actually had to put some effort into it, not just fill out dialogue boxes on a site designed to let even lowest of the mouth breathers publish whatever meth-amphetamine spawned madness their wasted brains produce.

Watch this space for tons of hate, a little bit of loathing, a few good laughs some worthwhile insight and more then a little sarcasm.

Cheers you bastards.

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